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What We Do

Second City Swag is a direct sales company specializing in the element of surprise! Our associates use social media to host parties to reveal jewelry, pearls from oysters, and accessories from our one of a kind Swag Bags! We also offer a number of products such as candles, bath fizzers, and tarts for customers to reveal both jewelry and cash in the comfort of their own home. We are proud to put a spin on a familiar product line and offer our products….with swag!

Our Name

We originated Second City Swag in the Chicagoland suburbs. The name of our company has several meanings that we hold close. Firstly, it represents home for us. Chicago is known as The Second City and each of us in some way has a strong connection to the city of Chicago. For example, Tina’s childhood volleyball team was named after Chicago’s nickname: The Second City and we grew up near the city itself. The word second holds personal meaning to us as well, especially as it relates to having worked in direct sales previously. We decided to incorporate Swag into the name of our company because we felt that our brand had a little more edge and attitude than other comparable companies! Additionally, it allows us flexibility with our product line as we can incorporate swag items from any major shopping category.

What Sets Us Apart

After our previous experience(s) working together in direct sales, we wanted to create a company that delivers top notch products at affordable prices while keeping the consumer in mind. We value people over money and see individuals, not numbers. We knew our market and our audience and have perfected a product line that is suitable for these individuals. Most importantly, we are real people, serving real people.

Meet the Co-Owners of Second City Swag

Tina Carnevale
Favorite Quote: “Your life does not get better by chance, it gets better by change!

– Jim Rohn

Cindee Ebert
Favorite Quote: “A person who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new”

– Albert Einstein